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Heart Beat - CD


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"Heart Beat" tells the story of finding and losing love, with the twists of rebounds and self discovery. The album starts with two revamped songs from the debut EP, which flow into the album's narrative with a crisp and refreshed sound; before cutting straight into the story of falling in love, an emotional break up, rebounding and then trying to find happiness for both the other person and yourself.

1. Girl from Glasgow
2. You'll Never Know
3. Angel Smile
4. Heart Beat
5. Broke
6. Alarm Bells
7. Time Bomb
8. Happy
9. True
10. Secret Love Affair
11. Heart Beat (First Live Performance)
12. Happy (Songwriting Demo)

Produced by CW Audio, CoriAnder, and Liam Clayton.
Photography by Claire Grinis.
Discs printed by CD Unity.